Drive Smart, People!!!

Driving and dealing with traffic and dealing with “not so smart” people (trying to be nice), is probably my biggest annoyance. I wish I could telepathically go into every driver’s mind and say:

– Be aware of your surroundings. Be aware of other drivers… AT ALL TIMES.

– Don’t drive like a psycho and don’t drive too afraid/cautious. You’re doing the same damage either way.

– Be courteous. Be civilized. Be respectful. (I could go on about these, but I’m keeping it short. We are mostly adults here, this is a no-brainer.)

– Stop trying to multitask and drive!!! Put your phone down, put your makeup down, put your dog down, put your food down, stop TEXTING and just drive. Focus on driving.

– Don’t brake just because you see flashing lights, a patrol car or an accident. If you haven’t seen an accident by now, I don’t think you should be driving. Focus on the road, instead of causing MORE traffic. You could become the next show that people are staring at if you’re not paying attention!!

I would love to see how much traffic we could cut back if people would just drive smart.