The Great Debate

It astonishes me… no, it saddens me the support I’m seeing for either Hillary or Trump. How did this even happen? How did these two become the front runners of both parties? I’ll tell you how, there is either something severely corrupt in our system, or there is something severely wrong with WE THE PEOPLE. I find it hard that I would see so many supporters for Bernie or Ted that these two would some how come out as the winners for their parties. And I’m so tired of hearing the excuses for supporting both, because they’re all so shallow.

Trump Is Racist
Yeah, I’m pretty sure he is. But if you think for a minute that Hillary isn’t, then your head is deep underground on that one. You have one that’s open about it, and the other one is keeping it all tucked away.

Hillary Is A Liar
They’re ALL liars. They’re politicians, they will lie and spit out just about anything to get in the office. It’s how they all work. Only some people’s lies and mistakes have caused the lives of people, but I’ll leave it at that.

We Can Get A Woman In Office
This woman? You want a woman in the office so bad, you want to vote her in? The thought and argument itself is pathetic just as those who wanted Obama in the office because he was black. How about we get the BEST QUALIFIED person in our lead seat? I see the same stuff in the workplace. People being hired because of their race or gender or who they know. What ever happened to the days we hired the person that we thought was the best for the position and would get the job done right?

Trump is PRO MONEY. When have you not seen this dude talking or bragging about money? We all need to wake up a little more to see that most politicians are in it for personal gain. If you could only see the money big corps are putting into their pockets behind the scenes, you would understand a little more.

A Vote For Third Party Is A Wasted Vote
Is it? With that kind of mentality, it is. Everyone seems to truly believe this, so they don’t want to vote third party. Because if you vote third party you think it will be wasted. Imagine for a minute that people would get over that mentality and vote third party. We would get to see one of two things. You would either get to see the absolute power that each voter truly has, or you would get to see how absolutely corrupt this system is and how it was all rigged to begin with.

You have absolutely EVERY RIGHT to vote who you want to vote for. Please do. If you ABSOLUTELY think that either Trump or Hillary will be the best, then by all means, vote for them. All I’m asking is that you not vote for someone because you hate them a little less than the other person, because that’s what it seems to be as of late. “I hate Hillary and her supporters so much, I’m gonna vote for Trump! I hate Trump and his supporters so much, I’m gonna vote for Hillary.”

This is what our nation has become, full of hate. We hate the other side so much, we don’t even bother to see the side we’re supporting. We fail to see that we are doing the exact same thing the other side is doing all along and we all lose.


Drive Smart, People!!!

Driving and dealing with traffic and dealing with “not so smart” people (trying to be nice), is probably my biggest annoyance. I wish I could telepathically go into every driver’s mind and say:

– Be aware of your surroundings. Be aware of other drivers… AT ALL TIMES.

– Don’t drive like a psycho and don’t drive too afraid/cautious. You’re doing the same damage either way.

– Be courteous. Be civilized. Be respectful. (I could go on about these, but I’m keeping it short. We are mostly adults here, this is a no-brainer.)

– Stop trying to multitask and drive!!! Put your phone down, put your makeup down, put your dog down, put your food down, stop TEXTING and just drive. Focus on driving.

– Don’t brake just because you see flashing lights, a patrol car or an accident. If you haven’t seen an accident by now, I don’t think you should be driving. Focus on the road, instead of causing MORE traffic. You could become the next show that people are staring at if you’re not paying attention!!

I would love to see how much traffic we could cut back if people would just drive smart.

What Happened To Customer Service?

This will probably turn more into a rant than anything. These past couple of weeks I’ve been exposed to some bad customer service. I hate to say it, but it’s starting to become the norm now. I’m just curious when did this happen? At what point did companies decide it was okay to be rude, or lie to try and make a sell, to not care? I’m not asking for the royalty treatment, but it just seems that lately you don’t get the “Hello…” or “Thank You”. Forget customer service, that’s just plain common courtesy. It’s like we’ve lost that. Used to be that the bad customer service with me the ones to stand out amongst the good ones. Now, when we get good customer service I pretty much want to hug the employee. Don’t want have the “creeper” sticker on me though. I know some people say, “speak to a manager, or go above their heads to someone bigger” but it frustrates me that I even have to do that to begin with.

So because of this I would like to say a big THANK YOU to some of the great customer service that I’ve had in the last few days: BJ’s Brewhouse (Katy), Best Buy (Fry & I-10), Compass Bank. You all rock in my book.

And I’ll leave these in another list that I won’t title just to keep things PG: Mac Haik Ford, Finnegan Jeep/Dodge, Allen Samuels Jeep/Dodge. I’m sticking my tongue out to you right now, just so you know.

Okay, I’m done. The End.