3 Things I Came Away With From Super Bowl 49 (Non-Sports Related)

1. Roman Numerals Are Confusing
The Romans did a LOT of things good, but numbers seem to have taking the backseat for them. What in the world is XLIX. Seriously. I’m having to do math just to tell what number Super Bowl we’re in. Just think when we’ve reached the 100th Super Bowl, it will be Super Bowl C. Like what? Well even next year will be Super Bowl L. Maybe it’s time to switch to regular numbers? Maybe they’ll wait till Super Bowl 4999 or should I say, Super Bowl MMMMCMXCIX as the Romans would call it. Anyway, here’s a tool to help you all out in the years to come.


2. WTH Happened To The Commercials?
I remember a time when the commercials were just as fun and sometimes BETTER than the game itself. We’d see commercials that we’d be talking about for days after the game finished. Funny ones, inspiring ones, super creative ones. Now, we’re depressed out of our minds when we’re not confused at what the heck we just watched. Nationwide, I don’t want to think about my child dying and what he wasn’t able to accomplish because he died when I’m watching the Super Bowl. I am aware at the millions of ways he CAN die. Yeesh. Had to hug my boy right after that thing. And stop with the teaser commercials. Don’t show me something that I don’t understand and follow with a website. We’re not in the 90’s anymore. At least put a QR code up or something. Oh wait, that never really panned out either, did it?

Here’s one of my old and all time favorites just to help cheer you up a little bit:

3. Halftime Shows
It seems like it’s turned into a competition now. I’m going to out do the person before me like never before! Oh, and I’m going to need the help of other artists to do that as well. Let me just tell all of you halftime performers and future performers, you’ll never beat Michael Jackson’s performance. Ever. Give it up. (For those of you who never got a chance to experience the awesomeness, here’s MJ in his SB Halftime Performance.) MJ set the bar and changed the way we look at SB Halftime in my opinion.

Also, how the heck does Katy Perry get dressed so fast? I mean, I know some of it was slight of hand, like “Hey look at these dancing and singing sharks! And here’s Katy again with a summer outfit that has beach balls covering the goods.” But still, that was quite quick. I’m assuming she does the whole “Peel-Away” thing. Whatever it is, I’m going to need her to teach this to all the other women in the world who say they’ll be ready in a few minutes. 😀


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