What Happened To Customer Service?

This will probably turn more into a rant than anything. These past couple of weeks I’ve been exposed to some bad customer service. I hate to say it, but it’s starting to become the norm now. I’m just curious when did this happen? At what point did companies decide it was okay to be rude, or lie to try and make a sell, to not care? I’m not asking for the royalty treatment, but it just seems that lately you don’t get the “Hello…” or “Thank You”. Forget customer service, that’s just plain common courtesy. It’s like we’ve lost that. Used to be that the bad customer service with me the ones to stand out amongst the good ones. Now, when we get good customer service I pretty much want to hug the employee. Don’t want have the “creeper” sticker on me though. I know some people say, “speak to a manager, or go above their heads to someone bigger” but it frustrates me that I even have to do that to begin with.

So because of this I would like to say a big THANK YOU to some of the great customer service that I’ve had in the last few days: BJ’s Brewhouse (Katy), Best Buy (Fry & I-10), Compass Bank. You all rock in my book.

And I’ll leave these in another list that I won’t title just to keep things PG: Mac Haik Ford, Finnegan Jeep/Dodge, Allen Samuels Jeep/Dodge. I’m sticking my tongue out to you right now, just so you know.

Okay, I’m done. The End.


One thought on “What Happened To Customer Service?

  1. Man, I used to do a lot of customer service in retail and I thought being a teacher would mean I wouldn’t have to deal with pleasing people to the extremes anymore. No, teaching is very customer service at the moment.

    I’ve always been the customer is always right, even when I know they are very wrong. I don’t understand why that’s changed in our world now. It’s just good business to please the customer.

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