3 Things I Learned About Facebook, Without It

1. I’m NOT An Addict.
One of my worries and reasons why I decided to step away from Facebook was the fact that I felt that I was always on it. Always checking the feed. Always trying to see if anything interesting happened. I got my news from it. Not just news from my friends, but news around the globe. Seriously, I was always checking it. It seemed a bit more than normal, whatever “normal” is on Facebook. Being away from it all and not having the shakes and/or sweats let me know that I was okay completely walking away from it in total.

2. I Missed My REAL Facebook Connections
There are those few connections on Facebook that I actually missed. The REAL conversations and interactions. There were some great ones before I stepped away, and it really hurt to leave those without following up on them and just leaving them open. I miss those few interactions with people.

3. There Is A Lot NONSENSE On Facebook
I got on Facebook to connect with people and their lives. Not to see a stream of game invites, a flood of memes and pictures that have absolutely NOTHING to do with people’s lives. That’s not what  I want to see. I mean I can surf the web for that on my own if I want to see that. Needless to say I will be doing some filtering and housecleaning when I get back on soon. Hopefully that will help out the experience and value of it all.

So yes I am returning to Facebook. Why? Cause I’m weak and need it? No. Because I feel that God is leading me in a direction in my life right now, to help His lost sheep find their way home. (Luke 15:3-7) And Facebook happens to be a pretty big avenue for that in my life.


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