Make It Rain, Reno…. Make It Rain

Maybe it’s the fact that the Olympics are just around the corner or not, but it reminds me of when my boy first peed on me. It’s not like I wasn’t expecting it to happen one day, I mean I heard the stories from friends and family, so the warnings were there. I guess it was more of the surprise in this kid’s power and distance. I’m talking Olympic world record distance. And it’s like they wait for you to put down your guard too. He let it go as I’m reaching for a new diaper, caught me off guard. Had no idea what was going on until I realized that all this liquid wasn’t coming from a leak in the ceiling. You think you know what you’re gonna do in certain cases or situations but when it comes down to it, you panic. You lose all preparations that were in your mind. I froze for a split second, then I was like, “I must stop this!” So I did what any hero would do, I put my body in the way. Well, it was more like my hand, but still, a sacrifice is a sacrifice. Soon I realized that it wasn’t helping only bouncing it back to the little guy, so I remembered about these little pee-pee tee-pee things that granna had bought for us, and I quickly grabbed one and put it over him. Now, it was just angling everywhere else, as I’m standing there wondering, “How much more do you have in you! For crying out loud did you drink a gallon of water?!?” Although I’m sure it probably lasted a minute at most, it seemed like I was moments away from having to call a rescue boat, or pump up the air mattress for a life raft. But once it was finally over, and after cleaning up the puddle of pee on his changing station, all was back to normal. Just another moment where you stand there and think, “What in the world just happened?” I’ll tell you what happened…. Reno happened. Guess I’d better get used to it.


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