I Don’t Dream About…

This morning I was talking to my co-workers about a dream I had of them. And of course, that sparked up a whole conversation about dreams. And I mentioned to them something I brought up with my wife which is that I don’t dream about my boys. In my dreams, they do exist, because I have thoughts or memories of them in there, but they’re not physically there in my dream. I find that a bit strange, but I don’t really have any of them.

I don’t know much about dreams, not sure if anyone really does I suppose. But I just find it weird that my family are the ones I interact with the most and think about the most, but yet I have only really had my wife in my dreams. One thought was that maybe I’m so protective of them that I’ve put up a mental shield or barrier for them not to even step into my dream world. I have had some pretty intense, scary and dark dreams. I don’t know if my subconsciously I’m protecting them from that world.

Of course one of my co-workers said, “Well, maybe it’s because you are thinking about them all the time and dealing with them so often that your brain is just taking a break from them.  That could be a possibility as well. 🙂


I Want To Write & Illustrate

Since I was a little kid I have always been fascinated with creating and telling stories. I used to write short stories when I was in middle school and all of my friends and even some teachers read them and quite enjoyed them. I actually had a teacher tell me once that I should look into publishing them. I laughed and brushed it off because at that time I was writing just for fun and thought a kid could never do such things. As the years went by I still would write short stories, mostly for my friends and entertainment.

But once I left high school I stopped. I don’t know if my free time reduced drastically because of working and going to school at night or if it was because I lost my audience. In school, my friends were part of the stories and they loved reading about themselves or about our fellow classmates. But now, I didn’t have them anymore. And the people directly around me were not into that kind of thing. So I stopped.

Years later I would pick it back up by writing some screenplays for film. But I never did anything with them. I had one copyrighted but I didn’t show anyone besides my girlfriend at the time (upgraded to wife status later). I think I completed like 3 or 4 of them and I started another 5 or so. But that was it. Nothing came of it and I didn’t really have any motivation to keep doing it. Again, I stopped.

Not too long ago I was motivated again to start. This time it was my firstborn son. I illustrated a children’s book for him and then starting writing other books from children’s to young readers. None of them have been completed. I always seem to get sidetracked and when I do find time to write, I’m not motivated to do so. I know I have this passion, this calling for it but it’s the execution that I struggle with. I hope and pray that it changes soon on my part. I feel like God is tugging at me and has been for a while and I keep pushing it aside.

International Women’s Day

There are a lot of women that deserve so much recognition on #InternationalWomensDay. I’ve known a lot of women in my life that have influenced me and inspired me, but none more than my mother. I know she’s overcome so much in her life. And by watching her daily living she taught me how to love and care for others. She taught me to be humble but also to never let anyone run over me. She taught me to strive for success but to never forget where I came from. She taught me about sacrificing oneself for the people you love.

My mom isn’t the CEO of a multimillion dollar company. She wasn’t the first to accomplish a historical feat. My mom didn’t do anything to change the whole world. But she changed mine.

I love you, mom. You’re my hero.

I Was Created For Greatness

I was created for greatness.
I am not only the son of a king,
I am the son of THE KING.
I am a son of THE CREATOR.
Creation of the GREAT I AM.
And I was created in HIS image.
Therefore I was created to be amazing.
But not amazing in our standards.
I can’t limit HIM like that.
HE is unlimited.
So I will not be limited by my own self.
Nor will I be limited by anyone else.
I was created for GREATNESS.

And so were you.

The Size of the Fight in the Dog

You know I’ve heard that quote so many times in my life. “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”. And I understood what it meant, but I totally missed that it’s something that could be applied to EVERYTHING in life. Everything.

I’ve been needing some direction in my life; some motivation. I have dreams, things I would like to accomplish one day. I’ve been listening to podcast after podcast and YouTube video after YouTube video. Hearing from successful people and some of the greats in sports and entertainment. People that I admire and look up to in some way or another in my life. Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, The Rock, Eric Thomas, Mark Cuban, Dr. Tony Evans, Jake Parker, Jerry Rice, Rick Pitino, my mother, my father. And every single one of those people all has a very different story of how they got to where they got to. They all started differently from different areas. But they all have said the same thing, “work”.

You want to be great at anything. Work. Work at it. Work hard. Work harder than anyone else around you. You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room. You don’t have to be the fastest person on the pitch. You don’t have to be the strongest man on the field. You don’t have to be the quickest person on the court. You just have to be the hardest working person there. The greatest aren’t the greatest because of talent. The greatest outworked everyone else. The greatest woke up earlier to put in that extra work while you were sleeping in. Or maybe they were putting in work late nights while you were partying it up or just slacking off. The greatest failed and then used that failure to help build on their success. The greatest didn’t listen to those little voices of doubt inside of them.

The greatest simply wanted it that much more.

So whatever it is that you want to do in your life, your dreams, your goals your responsibilities. Work hard at it. Be the greatest at it.

Go Back

I know it’s easy to be looking in from this side of the border and we see a bunch of people crossing over the border illegally. We see people breaking the law when they come over and it’s easy for us to say, “go back”.

But if you just took a second just to try and understand their situation maybe you could understand their desperation. You may be thinking, “what desperation”? Imagine you lived, well… where you live right now. And gangs or cartels started to get out of hand. Innocent people getting killed and you’re afraid to go outside certain times of the day. Bodies being dismembered or hung from the overpasses and left as warnings to everyone. Then you’re getting death threats if you don’t pay an extortion fee for maybe a business you own, or even for living in an area or walking down a certain road.

You see these people most likely WISH they could “go back”. They want to to go back to a time where they didn’t fear for their lives. They want to go back to the country they once loved and cherished and were so proud of. But they can’t right now. They are looking for a little normalcy to their daily lives. They are looking for safety. They are seeking sanctuary from the terrorism that is occurring in their lives. You have to understand that a lot of these people are not just walking over a bridge or a puddle to try and get here. They are traveling thousands of miles and risking their lives to come here. How desperate would you have to be to risk your life and the lives of your family just have a chance at some peace? A peace that you’re not even guaranteed at achieving.

Now I’m not saying that what they are doing is right. Or we should just allow everyone and anyone in. Not at all. I just want people to understand what they are experiencing. And I’m sure there are other reasons why people cross over. All I’m saying is just not to shut your heart so quickly on what’s happening. And maybe we can find a solution that can benefit both sides. I’ve always said that we shouldn’t only be focusing on the people that are crossing, but WHY are they crossing over? Why are we allowing the terrorism that is happening over there that is causing this problem?

There is usually always a middle ground to the social issues we see and hear about every day. Unfortunately, most people just the comfort of their side, their view and don’t bother to try and see what the other side is experiencing.

I just happen to be watching an episode of Borders and it just shed a little light on some of the individuals that are coming from Central America, going through Mexico and trying to get to the US. It’s really an interesting watch if you have the time.

When He Returns…

I was reading my Bible this morning and as I was reading 1John 2:28 the passage made me compare myself with my own son.

A couple of days a go I had asked Reno to clean up his room and then I went off to do something else. A few minutes passed and I went to go check on him as I usually do cause I know he can easily get sidetracked. When I came in the room I saw that he was playing with his toys that he was supposed to be cleaning. As he saw me come in he quickly fumbled around and pretended to be putting the toys away. I didn’t say anything but I kind of gave him this look that let him know that I was aware of what was happening.

1John 2:28 reads:

And now dear children, remain in fellowship with Christ so that when He returns, you will be full of courage and not shrink back from Him in shame.

No one knows when Jesus is returning. No one. But I would really hope that when He does show up, if it happens to be during my time here on Earth, that I’m not caught off guard. I know those aren’t the best words, because we will all be caught “off guard” when it happens. What I mean is that I hope I am at a point in my life where I am in fellowship with Christ.

Those of us who read His Word knows what we should be doing with our lives. But how many of us are truly living that kind of life? When Jesus comes back, are we going to be fumbling around, scrambling to look like we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing? “Oh hey JC, just here doing the whole Christian thing, you know? That’s how I role….. everyday….. uh… yeah.”

Just like I knew my son wasn’t doing what he was supposed to be doing, God knows the same of you and I. There won’t be a need to pretend you’re doing what’s right the moment Jesus shows up. No need to. So I guess my thinking was, I have to be better about my walk with Christ. Not only because I don’t want to be doing something wrong when He comes, but also because as the passage reads, I want to be full of courage when he does come. Not afraid, not worried but just so happy and ready.