We’ve spent too much time over the last few years talking about kneeling to the flag and not enough about kneeling at the cross.

If we did more of the latter, we wouldn’t have worry about the other.

But as always it seems that we have our priorities and focus out if order.

His Most Precious Creation

Only the writer of a story is the ultimate judge of its beauty.
Only the potter of a vase or the artist of a painting is the ultimate judge of its beauty.

The creator is the only one to have the ultimate say in whether their creation is beautiful or not. It is their creation, their vision, their love and passion poured into it. While many others may have opinions, they don’t have the final word that ultimately counts.

So the next time you look in the mirror and dislike or even hate what you see; the next time you call yourself ugly, remember, you didn’t create yourself. Your friends and family didn’t create you. Society did not create you. Though they may have opinions of you, they don’t have the final word on your beauty and that also includes YOU.

Because not only does your Creator believe that you are the most beautiful of all of His creation, He also believes you are His most precious.

Cinco de Mayo

This morning on the way to school we had a quick lesson about Cinco de Mayo. I explained to my oldest the history behind the holiday. I don’t want him to be like me growing up and never knowing the history behind something of his heritage’s past, especially when it seems to be widely celebrated here in the U.S. I also explained that this was not to be mixed up with Mexican Independence Day.

Our sons are mixed race and to me that is such beautiful thing to have so many cultural backgrounds. And though they should never use their culture as a crutch, or an excuse to boast, or as a reason to be hateful toward others, I feel it is our duty as parents to educate them of their rich backgrounds.

Most of the time, our children’s education starts at home.

Looking for HIS Love

Sometimes I look back at past relationships and even times when I wanted a relationship, and it just didn’t happen. Heartbreak, letdowns, failed relationships… all a part of my past.

The more I think about it, I start to realized where I failed. I spent quite a bit of time worrying and looking for love and the right relationship. But what I should have been doing was spent my time looking for His Love. How did I expect to find, “the one” when I didn’t even have myself aligned with “The Only One.”

There is a hierarchy of love and we can’t expect to find that one last love and make it successful until we find our first love — the One who loved us first.

I’m Gonna See a Victory

When you open yourself to allow God to speak to you, there’s nothing like it. And you’ll know it’s Him because He’s gonna do it in a manner that you can’t deny or chalk it up to anything or anyone else.

It happened to me today and He about brought me down to my knees, not just once but several times. It was unreal. Been struggling with something personal and I told myself that enough is enough. Told God that I needed Him to help me fight and overcome. The chapter I read in my Bible this morning was directly related to this battle. Tears were flowing out of me as I read. The last thing He put on my heart was a song lyric that said, “I’m gonna see a victory. For the battle belongs to you Lord”

This was during a Family Worship Night at our church. It was something we didn’t know if we were gonna attend but decided to go.

This battle isn’t just mine. It’s His too. And nothing can stand against My God. Nothing.